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Contemporary murals in Sardinia: technique and the role of conservation

Autore: P. IAZURLO

Anno: 2015

in: Conservation issues in modern and contemporary murals

a cura di: M. Sanchez Pons, W. Shank, L. Fuster Lopez


The paper deals with some examples of Italian contemporary murals from a technical and conservation point of view, also comparing the procedures used for their maintenance. Conservation difficulties with murals are often related to the characteristics of an extemporary technique, not designed to be durable and not considered particularly noteworthy by curators and conservators who are rarely familiar with this kind of artwork.

The following pages contain transcripts of interviews with some of the main Sardinian artists (Pinuccio Sciola, Francesco Del Casino, Angelo Pilloni, Diego Asproni, Antioco Cotza, Ferdinando Medda) in order to provide a better understanding of the techniques used for these artworks and the related conservation problems.